ILO-project held 360-degree photography workshops in collaboration with the Salla Museum of War and Reconstruction. The workshops were held in the Museum’s traditional tavern, a beautiful hewn log building used for exhibitions, events and private occasions.

The traditional tavern at the Salla Museum of War and Reconstruction.

The workshops, held on the 16.2. by Maxim Narbrough and Emma Kirjavainen (ASFT project), introduced participants to 360- technologies and the possibilities offered by VR, AR and 360 tour platforms.

The first workshop summarized the basic technologies used and available products, that allow for easy capture of 360 images and video. The differences between consumer and professional equipment were highlighted, with a view to showing the potential of each category. The basic workflows of different types of cameras, software and 360-tour platforms were described, to help participants understand how to produce 360 content.

Maxim presenting 360° technologies, including software, 360-tour platforms and cameras.

During the second workshop Emma Kirjavainen, who works on the Lapland Robotics project, gave a presentation covering Lapland User Experience Design Research Group (LUX), and highlighted examples of 360 tours created as part of projects. Her presentation outlined details of how 360 images and other data can be integrated into 360-tours. Afterwards, Maxim Narbrough guided participants through the process of making a basic tour, using both a small consumer 360 camera, and a professional 360 camera.

Emma Kirjavainen mapping locations in Salla which participants suggested as good locations for capturing 360 experiences.

During the afternoons workshop, participants mapped possible sights for future 360-tours and demos, and discussed other project ideas for the Salla area. The day ended with a fascinating tour of the museum and exhibits, guided by the museum’s captivating and incredibly knowledgeable guide, Jarkko Sipola.

The museums enthusiastic host and tour guide, Jarkko Sipola, marking locations in Salla for possible 360° tours.
Maxim Narbrough testing the VR-tour of the German war cemetery in Salla, created with Lapland University of Applied Sciences.