Last week ILO- development project organized an event for the first time, ILO Design Breakfast as part of the Arctic Design Week. Project managers Siiri Paananen and Timo Luukkonen gave a short introduction on what the goals of ILO-projects are. Ashley Colley told the story of Oura, which is a company that makes smart rings. He told how the company got started, and what kind of processes it went through. We also had some coffee and breakfast, and talked about design and startups.

Lapland User Experience- research group was present at the event, showing off the demos they have built. They included a VR demo for interior design of the upcoming VR lab, a table which indicates with colored lights whether it is clean or dirty, and some wearable technology, e.g. interactive clothes.

Thank you everyone who joined us, and see you next time. We are planning another event for spring, so stay tuned!