European Regional Development Fund ERDF: 825 135 €

University’s own funding 353 628€
Total 1 178 763€

New infrastructure

The project will procure and technically build a design and art infrastructure complementing the Arcta infrastructure and operating model of the Faculty of Art and Design at the University of Lapland, expanding it with

1) new technology
2) virtual technology
3) cinema, and
4) regional mobility.

The Faculty of Arts of the University of Lapland offers a unique operating environment that is not offered outside the Helsinki Metropolitan Area at the university level. This is a major competitive advantage in Lapland’s smart specialization strategy, and it is natural to grow an innovation cluster around it as it provides opportunities for growth.

Innovation Cluster

The project promotes an innovation cluster based on smart specialization, the Arctic Design and Art Cluster, by building a new technology infrastructure based on the latest technologies and enabling the later develop collaboration with the Lapland design cluster.

With the help of the technologies to be acquired and built, it will be possible in the future to support the companies development activities through pre-incubation. The aim of the ILO infrastructure project is to support the ILO development project with up-to-date requirements through an updated design and art infrastructure.