In February, as part of the ILO development project, we held a workshop with staff from the University. The workshop reviewed the present and future of the University of Lapland’s Service Innovation Corner – SINCO lab. Service design professionals Mira Alhonsuo and Krista Korpikoski organized the workshop together with designer Maxim Narbrough.

Under Mira’s leadership, we first covered the history and opportunities of SINCO, as well as how the space is typically used at the moment. Following that, the lab’s technologies were presented, along with how they are best used. For example, the simulation stage consists of a corner with two projectors, where you can simulate desired spaces for service design workshops. Another example was the ceiling projector, which projects any desired image onto a table surface, allowing it to be drawn on.

Finally, Krista instructed us through a brainstorming session, where we split into two groups and presented emerging ideas and needs related to various themes. Together we then discussed the ideas. The workshop was helpful in sharing information between staff, illuminating the uses of SINCO, and for future development of the lab.