Universal Robots, manufacturer of collaborative robot arms (cobots), held a demo event at Korundi House of Culture in Rovaniemi. Maxim Narbrough attended the event on behalf of ILO development project, to gain insights into capabilities and the range of applications supported by cobots.

Excellent demonstrations and discussions were held by expert representatives from Universal robots, and their ecosystem partners Machinetool and On robot. The hands-on demos were excellent in highlighting the ease of operating and programming the cobots, and how safe they are to work around.

Universal Robotics offer a free e-learning platform, which provides a set of tools and tutorials, for anyone to learn how to use cobots. The cobots can be tested using their simulation software, which is an integral part of the educational platform.

Thank you to Juho Liljamo, Petteri Tyni and Miikka Jokinen for a highly informative workshop.


A range of UR cobots being explored by participants of the robot workshop, at Korundi House of Culture.


Juho Liljamo demonstrating a cobot fitted with a screw-driving head, from the OnRobot range of tool heads.


The touch-screen programming interfaces for the cobots are highly intuitive and  made to be simple to operate and configure.

A selection of tool heads for the cobots, manufactured by Denmark based OnRobot, one of the Universal Robot ecosystem partners.

Juha describing how a telescopic palletizing robot can optimize packing products onto pallets, and reduce costs.