Mitä? Luento: Sculpting trends with AUXETICS (järjestetään englanniksi)

Missä? Lapin Yliopisto, Mauri sali F1027

Milloin? keskiviikkona 20.3. klo 9-12


What? Lecture: Sculpting trends with AUXETICS

Where? The University of Lapland,  Mauri Hall F1027

When? Wednesday 20th of March, 9-12


The problem of sizing in fashion, to this day, has been solved through elastics, oversize clothes or laces. However, auxetic geometries together with laser cutting technology offer us another range of possibilities to address this problem. Through this research, different types of auxetic geometries have been studied on various textile supports, with the aim of achieving garment adaptable to different shapes, silhouettes and structures.

To do this, different types of laser-cut auxetic geometries on different textiles are tested and their tensile strength, elongation and Poisson’s ratio are analysed, with the aim of finding the ideal textile and geometries combination.

My class on auxetic geometries with laser cutting on textiles to enhance garment adaptability aims to raise awareness among students about sizing issues, body positivity, and the need for inclusive solutions. The expected results include students acquiring technical skills around the possibilities offered by different auxetic geometries in fashion design.


by María Pérez Ripoll

Materials and Technology Professor

EASD Valencia